600 ton Minster Knuckle Press Complete Rebuild

New Crankshaft made from new forging All new fabricated updated gearing (Bull Gear, Pinion and Intermediates) New upgraded clutch (Ortlinghaus  Pneumatic Combination Clutch and Brake) New lube system with and oil cascade system for [...]

1000 ton Bliss Eccentric Assembly

Replaced outer gear ring with new forged ring. New gear teeth cut. Re-qualified both eccentric bushing bores and wrist pin bores Provided all new Bronze Bushings, installed and finish bored to proper OEM specifications. Assembled [...]

Clutch Conversions

** 3000 ton Bliss Clutch Conversion Complete with New Drive Shaft**  (Emergency BREAK DOWN Clutch Conversion Completed in 4 weeks)


We are pleased to offer unparalleled service in the following areas: Press Repair/Rebuild, Clutch Conversions, General Machining, Engineering, Preventative Maintenance, and Machine Sales.



FDC Machine Repair Inc. has been a leader in the press repair industry since our doors were first opened back in 1985. We’ve come a long way since then, but we have never forgotten what has gotten us this far – our dedication and commitment to excellence. 



Every well-built structure has a strong support foundation. At FDC our foundation is built upon an experienced staff and careful adherence to sound engineering and design principles. We are proud that we make lifelong friends out of our superior customer interactions.

When it comes to consistently exceptional work, whether it’s a scheduled maintenance or an emergency repair, I know the phone call to FDC is the only call I have to make. Fred and his guys are so experienced; I always feel comfortable knowing I will have everything done accurately and efficiently.

John Grazia, President of GearTec, Inc.